2017 Italy Polo Shirt

Puma unveils the latest navy blue Italy football shirt – Italy polo shirt 2017. Loyal fans enthusiastic about Italy national football team will purchase the polo shirt for its fashionable and concise design.

Italy football shirt shows respects to the grand history of Italy football, blending blue football shirts with fashionable design of Italy.

Taking prides, passions and previous traditions of Italy as guide aspirations, the new polo shirt embodies pursuing of details. The design of shirt takes reference to once football shirts keeps classical style in fashionable today. Traditional and elegant dimension of the most up-to-date fashions is embodied on the façade, back cuffs.

Other details include decorative pattern printed on the lower front, white Puma cat printed on shoulder parts and white stripes on shoulder. The Torsten Hochstetter – COO of Puma said, “Italy football shirt is a symbol for us, meaning prides, passions, grand historical heritages, traditions and elegant. I’m satisfied to participating in that work. We put our heart and soul into design of new football shirts, and only hope our work deserving the grand honors of Italy national football team”.


Introduction on United States Soccer Team

On July 1, 2017, the American sports brand “Nike” and the United States Football Federation (USSF) jointly unveiled the America home shirt 2017 of CONCACAF Gold Cup. Details of the design and the new football shirt of the United States men’s national soccer team will be introduced again. If you are interested in the latest America football shirt, please come here. There are many cheap and high-quality football shirt.

A new home football shirt was made using the traditional American style as a design element. At the same time also showed the brilliance of the American football team. It symbolizes the determination, power and confidence of the American national football team.

Nike adopts the design of a row of white stars from the shoulder to the cuffs with the sleeve color of the American representative football shirt. In addition to the bright red and navy horizontal stripes, the front is full of American elements. Besides, as one of the most important national elements of the United States, five stars are scattered on the front and back of the football shirt. Besides, the new America football shirt is weaved by high performance fabric, keeping players in a good state.