2016 Spain Polo Shirt

Royal Spanish Football Federation(RFEF) and Adidas jointly announce that they will extend the agreement until 2026. Adidas will continue to provide sportswear for Spanish national football team, and women’s team, youth national football teams and Spain national futsal team.

The close cooperation, between the RFEF and Adidas, has been successful since 1980s. For example, Spain national team got successive champions in 2008, 2010, and 2012 UEFA European Championships, so Adidas got substantial revenue accordingly.

Herbert Hainer is CEO of Adidas. He says:“We are extremely honored to extend the contract. Adidas is a leading sports brand in the world and Spain national team is one of the strongest teams. Thus, I think it’s best to cooperate with the RFEF. I do expect our win-win cooperation.”

Angel Maria Villar, the president of Spanish Football Federation, also says that it’s best to choose Adidas as the partner.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, Spain polo shirt is one of the most popular shirts among fans. We all like their design styles and fabrics. Spain Polo Shirt Blue 2016 is my favorite one.

This polo shirt is mainly blue with yellow elements. A yellow stripe is on the collar. The logo of Spain national team with yellow outline is knitted on the right. Besides, some iconic Adidas elements are showed on the shirt, including Adidas logo on the upper right and 3 Adidas Stripes put on each side of the body rather than shoulders.


One-year earlier retirement of German Famous Football Star Philipp Lahm

German famous football star Philipp Lahm announced to retire from Bayern Munich football team after the 2017/18 season, leaving the top-flight football club that he has worked a long term for it. The publishing of the news shocked all German people and people of the other countries. On February 2, 2017, the captain Philipp Lahm received a bunch of flowers as a footballer of Bayern Munich completed his 500th appearances for the football club. Nevertheless, these flowers celebrating the 500th appearances become the beginning of farewell. He, beyond people’s expectations, announces, “I will end my playing career at the end of this season.”

Philipp Lahm

The contract between Bayern Munich and Philipp Lahm will expired in the summer of 2018. But, this time retirement is the same as the retirement from Germany national football team.

Philipp Lahm has illustrated on this issue, “I began to consider this issue from one year ago and asked myself every day. I will keep the best status not only on sports field, but also at all matches before the end of this season. It’s the best I could do.”

A journalist asks that why he refused the invitation of Bayern Munich to take the position of German team’s manager. He answers that we have discussed about the issue. It’s not the moment to take this position.

Not only is Philipp Lahm’s decision beyond the expectations of football fans, but also beyond expectations of Bayern’s top officials.