Italy Polo Shirt 2016 Blue Good

Italy national team is founded in 1898 and controlled by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). Gli Azzurri (The Blues), the nickname of the national team, is derived from its traditional home kit that consists of blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks. The color symbolizes the Mediterranean blue. The national team is one of powerful national teams in the world which has got four titles of FIFA World Cup and one title of European Football Championship.

The strong team plays its home games at Stadio Olimpico that is also the home stadium of Serie A clubs Lazio and Roma.

Gianluigi Buffon was the captain of Italy national team. He is widely regarded as the greatest goalkeeper. In 2017, Buffon won the Best FIFA Goalkeeper Award and placed fourth in the Best FIFA Men’s Player Award. Besides, he has been named the Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year eleven times. It is a pity that Buffon has announced retirement from Italy national team.

PUMA, the supplier of the team, has created innovative technologies to provide best football shirts for national team players.

Italy polo shirt 2016 is manufactured by 100% polyester making the shirt lighter and more comfortable. The blue shirt reflects the traditional color of the team. There is a black stripe with “ITALY” in the middle of the shirt showing great respect for the country. The black stripe is also put on both shoulders and sleeves with a gold PUMA brand logo. The team badge is embroidered proudly on the chest. At the back of the collar, there is a small Italy national flag paying homage to Italy, too.

2016 Spain Polo Shirt

Royal Spanish Football Federation(RFEF) and Adidas jointly announce that they will extend the agreement until 2026. Adidas will continue to provide sportswear for Spanish national football team, and women’s team, youth national football teams and Spain national futsal team.

The close cooperation, between the RFEF and Adidas, has been successful since 1980s. For example, Spain national team got successive champions in 2008, 2010, and 2012 UEFA European Championships, so Adidas got substantial revenue accordingly.

Herbert Hainer is CEO of Adidas. He says:“We are extremely honored to extend the contract. Adidas is a leading sports brand in the world and Spain national team is one of the strongest teams. Thus, I think it’s best to cooperate with the RFEF. I do expect our win-win cooperation.”

Angel Maria Villar, the president of Spanish Football Federation, also says that it’s best to choose Adidas as the partner.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, Spain polo shirt is one of the most popular shirts among fans. We all like their design styles and fabrics. Spain Polo Shirt Blue 2016 is my favorite one.

This polo shirt is mainly blue with yellow elements. A yellow stripe is on the collar. The logo of Spain national team with yellow outline is knitted on the right. Besides, some iconic Adidas elements are showed on the shirt, including Adidas logo on the upper right and 3 Adidas Stripes put on each side of the body rather than shoulders.


One-year earlier retirement of German Famous Football Star Philipp Lahm

German famous football star Philipp Lahm announced to retire from Bayern Munich football team after the 2017/18 season, leaving the top-flight football club that he has worked a long term for it. The publishing of the news shocked all German people and people of the other countries. On February 2, 2017, the captain Philipp Lahm received a bunch of flowers as a footballer of Bayern Munich completed his 500th appearances for the football club. Nevertheless, these flowers celebrating the 500th appearances become the beginning of farewell. He, beyond people’s expectations, announces, “I will end my playing career at the end of this season.”

Philipp Lahm

The contract between Bayern Munich and Philipp Lahm will expired in the summer of 2018. But, this time retirement is the same as the retirement from Germany national football team.

Philipp Lahm has illustrated on this issue, “I began to consider this issue from one year ago and asked myself every day. I will keep the best status not only on sports field, but also at all matches before the end of this season. It’s the best I could do.”

A journalist asks that why he refused the invitation of Bayern Munich to take the position of German team’s manager. He answers that we have discussed about the issue. It’s not the moment to take this position.

Not only is Philipp Lahm’s decision beyond the expectations of football fans, but also beyond expectations of Bayern’s top officials.

2017 Italy Polo Shirt

Puma unveils the latest navy blue Italy football shirt – Italy polo shirt 2017. Loyal fans enthusiastic about Italy national football team will purchase the polo shirt for its fashionable and concise design.

Italy football shirt shows respects to the grand history of Italy football, blending blue football shirts with fashionable design of Italy.

Taking prides, passions and previous traditions of Italy as guide aspirations, the new polo shirt embodies pursuing of details. The design of shirt takes reference to once football shirts keeps classical style in fashionable today. Traditional and elegant dimension of the most up-to-date fashions is embodied on the façade, back cuffs.

Other details include decorative pattern printed on the lower front, white Puma cat printed on shoulder parts and white stripes on shoulder. The Torsten Hochstetter – COO of Puma said, “Italy football shirt is a symbol for us, meaning prides, passions, grand historical heritages, traditions and elegant. I’m satisfied to participating in that work. We put our heart and soul into design of new football shirts, and only hope our work deserving the grand honors of Italy national football team”.


Introduction on United States Soccer Team

On July 1, 2017, the American sports brand “Nike” and the United States Football Federation (USSF) jointly unveiled the America home shirt 2017 of CONCACAF Gold Cup. Details of the design and the new football shirt of the United States men’s national soccer team will be introduced again. If you are interested in the latest America football shirt, please come here. There are many cheap and high-quality football shirt.

A new home football shirt was made using the traditional American style as a design element. At the same time also showed the brilliance of the American football team. It symbolizes the determination, power and confidence of the American national football team.

Nike adopts the design of a row of white stars from the shoulder to the cuffs with the sleeve color of the American representative football shirt. In addition to the bright red and navy horizontal stripes, the front is full of American elements. Besides, as one of the most important national elements of the United States, five stars are scattered on the front and back of the football shirt. Besides, the new America football shirt is weaved by high performance fabric, keeping players in a good state.


Info on Germany Football Team

The loyal fans who support the Germany football team are certainly able to have the Germany football shirts of succession. I am definitely agree that loyal fans shall show their respects to the team by wearing classic Germany football shirt.

Back to the subject, I will introduce the Germany polo shirt published in 2016. First of all, please look at the picture.

Based on traditional design of Germany football shirts, the Germany polo shirt published in 2016 is predominately white. Hard buttons on the front are convenient for opening and closing. Green and grey stripes are printed on the back collar. And same with traditional Germany football shirts, grey logo of Adidas and shirt badge are printed on the upper right and upper left. The round shirt badge is also topped with four stars.

After long time analyzing, many loyal fans purchase the concise, clear and elegant football shirt to show their support to the Germany national football team. In order to helping my son perform well and keeping dry at important competitions, I purchase this polo shirt for my son. I believe he will like it and wear it at competitions. This store’s sales campaign will be ended two weeks later. Please place your order quickly.


Spain National Football Team

Background Information

There are words that you will often hear in Spain — “Spain is different”. The longer you stay here, the more you will discover that this sentence is indeed very true. But perhaps the most curiosity of tourists are Spanish football.

It’s usual that Spain has many sports newspapers concentrated almost exclusively on Spain national football team, where each respect of professional players’ public and private news are written and published. Countless TV programs are special in actions or even word uttered by a football player or leader. All involved items on football and the ‘sports section’ in most news is simply a euphemism of football.

Design Details

Today I will introduce the new red Spanish Polo Shirt. Spain polo shirt is the same as the new Spain football shirt, with three yellow side stripes knitted on both sides of polo shirt. Opening and closing is convenient with three hard buttons on the chest. Same with the football shirt, the logo of manufacturer and shirt badge are printed on chest. A yellow stripe on back collar adds energy and power into it.

Fiery red and high performance fabric are benefit to player’s better performance, making them easily locked into spectators’ sight.

Info on Italy Football Team

For each student studying abroad, watching their favorite team’s competition on scene is a lifetime dream. Many people for in love with trip for the reason of football. In this way, many different travel experiences and new cultural perspective are introduced to my trip. All the stadium in Europe has become a new dream, for which has been on the road.

As I wandering on shopping mall, a salesman is introducing some design details to a customer. In order to purchase the favorite football shirt for my husband, then I walked into the store to know more about it. During this process, salesman introduced some background information about the Italy football team.

Today, I would like to introduce the design details of the Italy football shirt again.

Italy polo shirt unveiled in 2016 is predominately white with grey logos of Puma printed on the upper right and shoulder parts. Navy blue stripes on shoulder parts highlight the outline and figure of football players. Colorful shirt badge is printed on the upper left, adding energy and vigor into it.

The capitalized English word “ITALIA” is printed on the navy blue stripe traversed on the front of the polo shirt. Please enter into your search engine.